Holt Kids Spy Training

Spy Training is Holt Bolt’s premium group session series. Kids complete 5-8 missions and become super spies! The missions are varied and heaps of fun. Equipment such as laser taggers, foam and smoke machines, walkie talkies and navigational tools are used throughout the series. In the new 5-8 mission series each mission has a different focus as follows:

Mission 1: Winter Spy- tracking, spatial awareness, balance and agility.

Mission 2: Self Defence- basic self defence techniques.

Mission 3: Art of Illusion- agility, speed, tracking and proprioception.

Mission 4: Strength Within- core strength.

Mission 5: Communication Gadgets- effective communication and full body communication.

Mission 6: Deciphering Clues- problem solving and teamwork.

Mission 7: Being Aware of Surroundings- spatial awareness, speed and proprioception.

Mission 8: Joint Missions: All of the above focus areas.

Missions are run immediately after school in the Holt Bolt HQ set up on the oval. Each mission goes for 45 minutes and the cost is $12 for blocks of 5 or 8 missions or $15 per mission. Students who sign up for all missions in a block receive a unique Spy Gadget which will be advertised at each location.

Currently active spy sessions

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