The Holt Bolt

The Holt Bolt Inclusive Fitness Movement was founded by Richard Holt at the end of 2013. Richard and his team ran Mud Runs and Inflatable Obstacle Courses across South East Queensland. 

The Holt Bolt centres were created by Richard after he started training a young boy named Jacko. After about a month of working closely together, Richard and Jacko’s Family began to see some fantastic progress and Jacko’s ability to communicate through body language. Richard shared the story of training Jacko on social media and from there the Holt Bolt was born. 

The Holt Bolt delivers Physical Training and Exercise Physiology to people of all ages and abilities. Each session is designed by our expert team and tailored to the individual to help them achieve their goals. We create safe spaces for our community where they can challenge themselves, learn new skills and explore new opportunities. 

Each session follows our Holt Bolt Training Formula – Goal Related Activities + Fun Related Activities. These sessions are designed to ensure participants achieve their goals, stay engaged and ultimately, can progress into other forms of activity, such as group training and sport. 

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