Located at Chermside West

The Holt Bolt Interactive studio is located at 42 Ainsdale street West Chermside.

This studio has a physical activity for every child and is a great place for kids to socialise and reach their full potential.

This studio has been custom built and designed by Richard Holt (Holt Bolt director and physical education teacher) to engage every child through game based play and learning.

Strength and cardio exercises are presented within play based activities such as climbing, crawling throwing and jumping.

Screens are also incorporated into in some activities to make them more interactive.

The studio is a fun and colourful place full of light and colour. Even the wall area is custom designed!

One on one and group sessions available. Group sessions are tailored to the ability of the participants and children of similar abilities are grouped together. In group sessions there are two instructors and no more than 6 participants per session!

Activities that children may participate in at the studio include:
1. Rope climbing
2. Interactive throwing games
3. Interactive boxing games
4. Climbing and crawling on inflatables
5. Dancing on arcade dance pad
6. Laser target practice
7. Monkey bars
8. Functional fitness
9. Peg board climbing

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