Holt Bolt Kids Obstacles

  • Inflatable Waterslide: new to 2017 our waterslide is always a hit with the kids- big & little alike! This slide features in all Holt Bolt/Kids courses. Most of the year the drop to the bottom takes you into a pool of water, but in the winter months you’ll find yourself in a giant ball pit!
  • Inflatable tunnels: our new dual tunnels sit 1.8m off the ground and make an excellent contrast to the black & green across the rest of the course! Kids, High School students and adults can crawl their way through to the end. This obstacle features in all HBK, community and official Holt Bolt events. 
  • Safari Challenge: The safari challenge is one of the old favourites from the original 2015 HBK course! Primary & Secondary school students have the chance to climb, jump, crawl, bounce and slide their way through the 15m long inflatable safari course! 
  • K2 Drop-out: another original from the 2015 HBK obstacle course, our 3.5m high climb & slide features in both Primary & High School courses….even some of the parents & teachers like to have a sneaky go! 
  • Inflatable igloo/foam pit: the foam pit has featured in all Holt Bolt Kids, High School & official events since it’s introduction in 2016….but now it is pumped into an inflatable igloo for kids, teens & adults to crawl through and get covered in foam!!! 
  • Snow cannon: (image coming soon) new to 2018 the snow cannon will now feature as a part of all HBK, High School & official events! Snow flakes fired up to 20ft into the air! If you haven’t experienced snow before now you can….in Brisbane….on the Holt Bolt obstacle course!!


  • Rock climbing ute climb-over: how many times in your life can you say you’ve climbed over the back of a BT-50 ute..?? Now you can! The rock climbing wall over the back of the Holt Bolt ute is a part of all Holt Bolt events for primary school students all the way up to adults! Take in the views of the rest of the course standing on top of the ute’s platform before testing your coordination climbing down the ladder on the other side! 
  • Military crawling nets: you know you’re on an obstacle course when this one comes out….military crawling nets feature on every one of our Holt Bolt events for kids, teens & adults! These nets require team work, communication, coordination and agility. 
  • Rock climbing vaults: a real test of agility these rock climbing vaults can be found on any HBK or Holt Bolt event. Preppies all the way through to adults take on these vaults with varying styles and techniques…always good fun to watch! 
  • The SPUNNEL: this one is primarily for the Primary school students but pops up every now and then at Holt Bolt events! The old spiders web (pictured below) required Bolters to weave, duck and climb through the string…every time you touch it means starting all over again! Now we have the spiders web INSIDE an inflatable tunnel….the SPUNNEL!




  • Balance beam: a test of balance for our Primary School students, they must wind their way across the colourful balance beam….and if you fall off, you have to start again! 
  • Kids’ sandbag carries: another essential challenge on any obstacle course- the sandbag carry! Primary School students must carry their 5kg sandbags a distance of 20m before continuing on their way! 
  • Teen/adults sandbag carry: an upgrade from the kids’ 5kg bags, the 15kg carry can be found on High School courses and at the infamous sandbag trenches at Official Holt Bolt events! 
  • Laser Tag “Capture the Flag”: our laser tag arena & games have always been super popular amongst our Primary School students….but semester two of 2017 is going to see the introduction of our brand new INFLATABLE laser tag arena! (photos coming soon!) 
  • Rope Swing over a pool: filled with water 3/4 of the year and a ball pit during the colder winter months….the rope swing over a pool is a favourite for many of our mini Bolters! Made from a sturdy A-Frame Holt Bolt Kids can test their strength, agility and nerves swinging on a single rope across the pool…very similar to a military-style rope swing…only with added fun! 
  • A-Frame Rope Climb: on the teen & adult Holt Bolt courses the rope swing turns itself into a much more challenging and physically demanding obstacle….the rope climb! This obstacle demands teamwork, strength & plenty of communication to enable Bolters to climb up and over the top before scaling back down the rope. 
  • A-Frame Cargo net climb: the cargo net climb was introduced mid-2016 for the High School and adults courses and has been a challenging hit ever since! The aim is to climb up one side of the cargo net and down the other, using teamwork, communication, strength & determination. 
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