Q: Can I Use My/My Child’s NDIS Funding at Holt Bolt?

Yes, you can! The Holt Bolt & Holt Bolt Physical Training are Registered NDIS Providers. This means that NDIS participants can use their NDIS funding to access services offered by the Holt Bolt. 
Services offered by the Holt Bolt can be claimed under the following NDIS Categories: 
Capacity Building: Improved Daily Living
Capacity Building: Improved Health & Wellbeing 
Capacity Building: Increased Social and Community Participation

Q: How Can I Claim Services Provided by Holt Bolt from the NDIS?

There are three ways to claim services provided by the Holt Bolt from the NDIS. Your/Your Child’s NDIS plan will explain exactly how you can claim your services. If you are unsure how to access your NDIS funds, please contact our Admin team and they will assist where possible. 

  • Self Managed
    • You will receive an invoice from The Holt Bolt which you can pay and then claim through your NDIS Portal
  • Plan Managed 
    • Your Plan Manager will receive an invoice and will be responsible for paying the invoice using your NDIS funds
  • NDIA Managed 
    • The Holt Bolt will issue you with a service agreement that will cover the services offered and the timeframes in which they will be delivered for you to sign. Invoices will then be uploaded to the NDIS Portal. 

Q: How Long Do Sessions go for?

Each Holt Bolt session is 30 minutes

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