Jonathan Low

Exercise Scientist


Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (BSES) Major in Applied Sport & Exercise

Why do you work at the Holt Bolt?

I believe that physical activity is an essential component to promote good physical and mental health. I am excited to work for The Holt Bolt as they share my passion for finding ways to make physical activity accessible for all people, regardless of circumstances.

Your interests outside of Holt Bolt?

Outside of work I enjoy playing sport including rock climbing and currently play Oztag at social and competitive levels. I also enjoy playing video games, cards and board games with friends and family. Basically I’m a big kid.

Anything else you’d like our clients/potential clients to know about you?

At the age of 19 I suffered from debilitating back pain which resulted in my first back operation. Over the following 3 years I would require two more operations, so I have first hand experience with chronic pain and the psychological trauma that came from loss of function and ability to participate in sport and other activities. This experience and my passion for sport is what motivated me to study at university, so that I could help others overcome the obstacles in their life preventing them from a active & healthy lifestyle.

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