Michelle Schneider

Personal Trainer


Cert III & IV Fitness, Cert IV Youth Work

Why do you work at the Holt Bolt?

Working at Holt Bolt allows me to meet amazing people every day. It is a privilege to be a part of not just a great supportive team but also to witness the growth my clients gain with their confidence, self esteem, capability, and their overall health and wellbeing. Their strength, resilience and outlook on life is truly inspiring.

Your interests outside of Holt Bolt?

Beach Volleyball, Outdoors, Treks through Glass House Mountains, Travel, Family, Movies, PS4, my Fur baby

Anything else you’d like our clients/potential clients to know about you?

Physical activity is key to keeping not just the body in good shape but the mind active and healthy. Being an active individual all my life I do find it hard to sit still. Mental health is most important to me along with healthy eating which go hand in hand. Never doubt yourself, never give up and most of all believe in yourself!

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