Richard Holt

Founder & Director

Richard Holt is the founder and Director of the Holt Bolt. Richard is a Registered Teacher and enjoys working with children and adults of all abilities. He also works with young people and is committed to providing safe spaces and pathways for people, regardless of their background and circumstances. 

Richard has run his own Personal Training businesses since 2006 and over the last 14 years has worked with elite athletes, corporate businesses, disadvantaged youth and people with disabilities. Driven by his passion to ensure that opportunities are created for people who otherwise would not have access to them, Richard created the Holt Bolt Inclusive Fitness Movement in 2013. 

Currently, Richard spends his time working with clients in the centres as well as delivering Leadership and Communication Programs in schools. Richard is considered a thought innovator and leader when it comes to working with young people and ensuring that there are pathways for them to employment, further education and exploring new opportunities. 

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