Taylor Ryan

Head of Operations


Certificate III & IV Fitness

Why do you work at the Holt Bolt?

I love working at the Holt Bolt because it combines two of my passions in life – Fitness and Helping People. It’s a privilege to work a the Holt Bolt and watch the magic that happens in each centre every day. I’m passionate about making fitness and wellness accessible for everyone, regardless of age, ability or circumstances and love that my job allows me to follow this passion every day. I love watching our Bolters improve not only their physical fitness, but also their social and mental health as well.

Your interests outside of Holt Bolt?

In my spare time you’ll find me either at the beach or in the pool. I also love to play netball.

Anything else you’d like our clients/potential clients to know about you?

I’m a little different from the rest of our team and am currently completing a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

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